Stunning necklace made lovingly by  Zoe Ruth Designs. Her design skill spills elegance and luxury, two characteristics I adore in handmade jewellery.

This copper cut bird is beautifully perched on its hammerd silver ring.

Need to buy for a garden lover? This collection has lots to offer including matching earrings!


Each copper bird is cut out by hand using the image of my original silhouette sketch and the sits inside a hammered silver circle.

Matching earrings available.

Please bare in mind that each item is handmade, therefore variations in texture are all part of their charm.

Caring for your jewellery

Sterling silver loves to be worn, it’s a great way to keep it polished and shiny. It will tarnish over time with exposure to the air and various products so periodically clean with a polishing cloth, gentle soap and warm water, or a silver cleaner.

Copper is notorious for both tarnishing, turning the colour of old pennies, and for turning skin green, this is dependant on the individual as it reacts to oils in the skin along with external products. Each copper piece is coated by myself with either wax or lacquer to give a protective barrier. When this wears off either leave to naturally darken or polish and re-coat in a metal lacquer, wax or clear nail varnish.

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